IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 Updated Team List

Updated team list for IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 with all data submitted till 17-Jul-2017 5:00 PM IST is as below. Please validate. If there’s any issue, write only to Program Director with complete details.

Please note the following:

  1. In case of multiple submissions from the same team, we have considered the last submission indicated by the timestamp, as the final one.
  2. All registered participants who have completed the application process and included in the team formation form submitted by 14-Jul-2017 have been included in their respective groups on the site.
  3. There were a few members who were not part of the team forms submitted earlier or changed in later submissions have to use their login and password (sent to their email id used during successful payment of the application fee) and send a request to their team moderator for joining the team, on the website.
  4. There are cases where emails sent to members on their registered email ids are bouncing or not being delivered. We have no means to reach and authenticate them for joining the teams. Team Leaders and Faculty/Guides should ensure that they validate their teams & members for their accuracy of data including email id and registration number. Wrong/ misuse of the same might lead to disqualification of the team and also might lead to difficulties during the process of further evaluations.
  5. Idea submission process and details will be shared by 19-Jul-2017 11:00 hrs. Having a valid login and being part of the team identified is essential to submit the ideas.