Ten most in-demand IoT Skills

Ten most in-demand IoT Skills as per CIO Magazine are as follows:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. AutoCAD
  3. Node.JS
  4. Security Infrastructure
  5. Security Engineering
  6. BigDATA
  7. GPS Development
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Circuit Design
  10. Microcontroller Programming

But, if you carefully observe, there are a few fundamental engineering skills and a few domain specific application skills that matter the most.

In India, we see the following skills being most sought after for IoT related jobs:

  1. Embedded Systems/Software Design, Development and Testing
  2. Hardware design, development and Testing
  3. Data Analytics, Dashboard design, Report Generation
  4. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Analytics
  5. Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Remote Monitoring Application development
  6. Cyber security, Device Security and Communication Engineering
  7. Systems Integration, Testing, Installation & Commissioning
  8. Web-development, Mobile App development and Specific Embedded App development skills continue to be in demand
  9. User Experience Design, Product Design and Development Skills are seeing increase in demand
  10. Domain experience in Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture, Bio-sciences, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Retail sectors are also seeing increase in demand

The best way to equip yourself for future of jobs in IoT (Internet of Things) era is to be good at at least one of the above skill sets and be conversant with related two other skill sets.

One of the easiest way to get the required exposure, knowledge and experience is to participate in the IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 right through the bootcamp and idea to implementation phases.