Internet of Things Opportunities

Internet of Things (IoT) presents opportunities across industry and application domains. Being capable of providing a  technical solution to several business problems, Industry adoption might be much higher compared to consumer applications. Initially, IoT is finding use in Efficiency Improvements, Experience Enhancements and Empowerment Initiatives.

Given that IoT brings an ability to transform every dumb thing in a room into aInternet of Things Opportunity smart object, possibilities of application is numerous. At the same time, an effective implementation requires a robust infrastructure of Communication and Computing. This presents an unique opportunity to innovate right through the development cycle and across all elements – ID, Sensors, Communication, Computing and Applications.

Apart from Industrial Applications and Consumer Experience Enhancements, IoT can play a significant role in solving hitherto unsolved societal problems. Internet of Things OpportunitiesConsider typical issues of – clean water crisis, traffic congestions, timely and affordable healthcare; ever growing demands of clean energy, growing needs for agricultural production efficiency or employment crisis. Each of these and intersections of these present a great opportunity to solve through IoT.

A good understanding of IoT technology elements and application domains is critical to identify lucrative problems to solve. A good starting point for this is available here

IoT Overview

While discovering a good problem to solve, make use of the opportunity landscape and technology details to identify, explore and experiment.

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