A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers are below.

If you have any other, do use the “My Query” form and let us know.

Workgroup Site

You need valid login credentials – username and password to join and use workgroup site. Site admin has already sent them to your registered email (same as the email used for payment of application fee).

If you have changed or used different email id during registration, application and team formation forms, please check only the email used during successful payment of application fee.

If your email id is having some issue and mails sent to them are bouncing, we have no means to fix the same.

Login credentials are exclusively for the member registered. It is not transferrable. Mis-use / abuse of the same and the working group site might lead to disqualification from the challenge and also might lead to appropriate legal action. Please take care.

You can request for a new password on the site by choosing Lost your password?

You will receive new password/ password reset option on your registered email id.

This is an automated process. We will not be able to provide manual assistance.


Once you login successfully, you will see a link to “Groups” on the main menu. Clicking that will list all the groups = teams in the workgroup site.

If you are already part of the team and know the Team ID, just click on “Profile” to find the same and go to your group page.

If you are not already part of a team, search for your Team ID and send a request to join. Once the moderator (Team Leader) approves your request, you will be able to join and work in your team.


Team Formation

  1. Use the team formation form provided here
  2. Let the Team Leader fill and submit the form.
  3. Include all details correctly – editing the form later may not be possible.
  4. Include all team members and identify them with valid registration numbers.
  5. Team members without registration numbers will not be considered for processing.
  6. Team formation will be complete only after we validate the details.

Registration Number is provided as part of the registration process after completion of successful payment.

You can find it in two places:

    1. PayUMoney email – Payment Received for amount of Rs.250. In this email, look for Merchant Transaction Indentifier: b6104cd2a950b4c32877 -> This 20 digit identifier is your registration number
    2. Email from Program Director after your successful payment. Subject of this email will state something like :Payment Received – Your Registration Number: b6104cd2a950b4c32877 => This is your registration number.


No. There may be issue with your email id or mail might have got into a spam folder. Let your team leader include you in the team formation. The email and phone numbers you provide in the form is another chance to validate and correct details. Reach out to your other team members and team leader and join the team through the form here. If you are the team leader, go ahead and fill and submit the form with all details. One of your team members can also fill and submit the form.

Registration Process required all individual members to apply separately. This is to ensure transparency and legitimacy for the challenge and subsequent impact of prize, awards/rewards including participation certificates. If for some reason, you have missed including all members in the registration process, write to Program Director – with all details, quickly. If possible within timelines, we will try to accommodate.

One of the primary requirement for the challenge is a team size of 3 to 5 members and a faculty/guide from the college. This is to ensure that while learning design, development and making skills, there is opportunity for group learning and skill development around team work. Single member participation without faculty/guide is not recommended. If you have difficulty in finding, forming or joining a team from your college, first check with your college and the write to Program Director before the timeline for team formation. We will see how best to help you.

If you have registered and made payment for application fee, you would have got the registration number. You can find them here.

If you have completed the registration including payment but not got the registration number as stated above, please check the discrepancies in your email address – all communication will go only to email address used during payment. If you have changed it from that of registration form, please check the email that was used for payment.

If there is no discrepancy in email and it has not gone to SPAM folder, do write to us with complete details of registration – name, email, payment made details. We will help you with this.

Error Messages during the process may be due to

  • Network connectivity – quality of internet connection dropping packets while submitting (high possibility)
  • Large image size. Check the image size of the faculty ID. It should be less than 1 MB for a successful upload. (high possibility)
  • Wrong data than allowed data type (medium possibility)
  • Load on the network  (low possibility)
  • Connection errors at the google site. (low possibility)

There is little we can do to sort this out from back-end. Please check and retry after sometime.

You would have received email regarding disqualification. Please check. This can be for any of the following reasons:

    1. Wrong / Missing Registration Numbers (20-digit-code) for members.
    2. Unregistered Members listed in the form
    3. Number of team members less than 3 or more than 5 – including team leader
    4. Re-use of Registration Numbers from members of other team.
    5. Members listed in multiple teams.


    We had extended time and one-on-one requests to correct these. Since the time for all actions in this regard has expired, you may not see your teams listed.
    If your issue is not listed here, do write to Program Director with all details – and copy of the form submitted for team formation.


Login to the website. Select your group on the right sidebar. Under your group’s menu, you will find a link for “Documents”. When you select Documents, you will get an option to upload the document. Choose the document from your computer, provide description and select the category as “Pitch” and save.

Follow the pitch outline and prepare your presentation. Make sure that you stick to the time schedule and sequence as suggested. You can also refer to some good examples of short, but effective pitches here.

The pitch is team’s action to impress upon the judges on the value and quality of their idea and associated solution. Team leader should lead and cover all questions. But, it is always  advised to use everyone in the team pitch-in in a coordinated manner. Faculty should only support the team and answer any specific questions. One of the important aspect of the pitch is to establish the credibility of the team – so everyone should participate.

Team Leader or the Faculty/ Guide can upload the pitch in “Documents” link of the specific group.

Every team member should attend the pitch, but they can be anywhere – not necessarily at one place. However, it is advised to be at one place due to time, effectiveness and coordination constraints.

No. All pitch documents uploaded in the group sections only will be considered. Please retry after sometime and upload. We have extended the time for submission till 05-Aug-2017 5:00 PM IST.

Idea Submission

Team leader or the Faculty/ Guide only should submit the idea. For that, you should login with your credentials and provide all details in the form provided for the same here


Only one idea is permitted by a team. If there are multiple submissions from the team, we will consider the last entry – decided by the timestamp of submission as the final one. No discussion or changes will be allowed post submission deadline.

There’s no option to add another category. Since the category list is exhaustive and covers industry application domains in detail, please refer to the guideline of fitting your idea into one of the closest categories available.

Articulate your idea in as much detail as possible in order to let the jury understand, appreciate and select for the next round. This is one critical skill required for budding engineers and makers that they communicate their idea in simple, concise and compelling manner. Please make use of the opportunity.

You can however include other supporting documents, files, video links and other resources as appropriate in your group via Document upload option. Please be aware that we will not consider/ refer them during the first phase of – idea evaluation.


Engineering College Students in India, studying in 5th/6th/7th/8th Semester or 3rd/4th Year.

Initially, all members of the team should register individually and complete application formalities. Every member completing the formalities will get a unique ID. Team Leaders will get a communication for registering the team in the group site. They can add all members and faculty in to their group.

Once you submit your application for registration, you will receive a payment link on the registered email or mobile phone. You can use the same to make the payment for application for registration.

Tentative timeline of events in IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 is as below.


No. There are no restrictions on teams/submissions from the same college. But members of the team and the faculty/guide should be unique for every team.

No. But this is one of its kind opportunity to learn about IoT from industry experts. All members participating in the Bootcamp will get a Certificate of Participation and tips for identifying a compelling idea, possibility of an Industry Mentor for the Challenge.

Bootcamp will be an online event. You can attend it conveniently from your computer or mobile phone with good internet connection.

IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 will be mostly an online event. You will work at your college and at your pace, under the guidance of authorised faculty from the institution. Several interventions and evaluations at different stages of the challenge will be held online. You can participate conveniently from your own computer or mobile phone with internet connectivity. Finals, Demonstration and Award ceremony will be held at Bangalore.

Yes. It is Rs.250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty only) per participating member. This is non-refundable. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

No fee for the faculty/internal guide authorised by the college.

Yes. Only after individual member registration. Await a registration form for team and faculty.

Not mandatory. Bootcamp is for Students to make them familiar with the process of innovation challenge and Internet of Things opportunity landscape.


Yes. Project Cost including all components and related expenses has to be borne by the participating team and/or college. In cases where some of the sponsors offer components for use or for free, the same will be extended to teams, post selection of the idea for design/development and prototyping.

Yes. Travel expenses, if any for completing the project or for demonstration during evaluation stages of the channel should be borne by the participating teams/ colleges. In cases where sponsors offer discounts / support for final rounds of demonstrations and award ceremonies, the same will be passed on to teams to facilitate reduction in travel expenses.

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